Occupational Safety & Health, Environment, Quality And Food Safety

Occupational Safety & Health, Environment, Quality And Food Safety (Sheq) Commitments


As one of the leading manufacturer, packer and marketer of high quality and safe fast moving consumer goods, households and dairy products in Zimbabwe, occupational safety & health, environment, quality, and food safety (SHEQ) is our top priority. We create and deliver enduring superior customer value through our brands. Our interested parties including customers' needs, wants and expectations inform our business strategies in the creation of more satisfying solutions to customers' requirements. This approach in serving our target markets is entrenched and forms the fiber of our entire business portfolio operations; from household products, foods and beverages to our processes and service delivery. In this regard, we have adopted SHEQ systems implementation as an integral part of our operations. We implement ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001, and ISO45001 standards which are independently audited by external certification bodies.

Our SHEQ business strategy focuses on the below:

  • Promotion of safe, healthy decent work including the prevention of ill health, injuries and fatalities.
  • Promotion of social responsibility.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements.
  • Promotion of sustainable economic development.
  • Entrenchment of the societal marketing concept.
  • Pollution prevention and the protection of our ecological environment.
  • Promotion of customer relationship networks formation and sustenance.
  • Processing, manufacturing, packing and delivering of safe quality products including households products, foods and beverages.
  • Provision of superior service quality to all our stakeholders.
  • Communicating our SHEQ policies requirements to all our interested parties.
  • Continual improvement, learning, and innovation to drive our SHEQ systems.

To ensure our SHEQ systems sustainability, top management is committed and adequately invest the necessary required resources to manage our SHEQ impacts and risks which emanates out of and from our operations. We set SHEQ objectives, programs and periodically review our systems to enhance and continually improve our performance. Moreover, we implement and entrench in all our operations all the sustainable development goals which relate tour operations.

How we ensure quality and safety for all our products

The quality and safety of our products and services is our top priority. We have established and implemented many processes and arrangements to ensure product quality and safety. The following steps constitute some but not all the processes we conduct.

  1. Raw Materials

    Green procurement practices constitute one of our key sustainability principles. Our procurement processes follow a rigorous supplier selection, auditing process to ensure the authenticity, food safety, elimination of food fraud and food defense risks. The organisation has a zero-tolerance policy toward bribery and corrupt conduct in any form. Bribes, kickbacks, and other improper inducements involving public officials, customers, suppliers, and all other counterparties are strictly prohibited. This ensures the selection of safe, high-quality raw materials which meet high-quality specifications which are established according to the latest scientific knowledge and legal requirements. Only complying raw materials are used in our processes.

  2. Processing and Packing

    We have world-class manufacturing operations which ensure that we manufacture food to the highest quality and safety standards in an environmentally friendly manner. We have HACCP programs which prevent product cross-contamination by foreign bodies, chemicals, microbiological agents and allergens. Our facilities' operations meet the pre-requisite programs as defined in the ISO/TS22002-1 standard. We invest in employees learning and development programs to ensure competent operations of all our systems. Our products formulation recipes and processing methods are rigorously tested to ensure a balance between quality, food safety, and nutrients preservation. Our manufacturing methods are scientifically supported and meet world-class standards.

  3. Testing and analysis

    We have a well-equipped quality assurance (QA) department which ensures that all raw materials and produced products are rigorously tested, analysed and evaluated to verify they meet quality requirements. All products are QA approved before leaving our premises. All nonconforming materials and products are eliminated and only safe product of highest quality reaches the consumer. We also monitor our environmental aspects like effluent to ensure environmental sustainability and legal compliance. Over and above this, we have many processes, practices, and stringent inbuilt controls that guarantee the safety of our products.

  4. Packaging and transportation

    Our packaging is evaluated that it adequately protects the product, prevents contamination and complies with legal requirements. We maintain the cold chain for our products. Our distribution partners are adequately trained to ensure a safe distribution channel. We make sure our packaging provide adequate information to inform our customers on product handling, storage, and usage conditions and instructions. All allergens are declared on packaging, and the best before dates and use by dates are correct, and clearly labelled on the packaging for the convenience of customers. Our packaging is uniquely date coded to provide product traceability.

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